David Ortiz Catches First Pitch From Bombing Victim, Grabs The Mic, Tells The Crowd “This Is Our F*cking City” (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Well, that’s one way to make an entrance. Or give a speech at what essentially was a memorial service. But today at Fenway was about a return to normal for Boston — after an exhausting/terrifying week — and what’s more normal for Boston than Big Papi in a Red Sox uniform and an inappropriate F-bomb shouted into a microphone at 1:30 in the afternoon? In what was up until that moment a stirring, heart felt, tactful remembrance, David Ortiz brought some levity to the rather somber occasion.

He said “Fuck.”

After catching the first pitch from one of the bombing victims, Papi showed his “Bahstan” side, and said “fuck” in front of a bunch of kids in the middle of the day. No one knew what to do, and no one on the broadcast has said a single word about it thus far. I mean, it was a real moment, but not necessarily necessary, if you catch my drift. A poignant “Thank you” would have sufficed. But leave it up to the city’s most beloved Red Sox to channel “Sully from Southie” and just let it rip. It was charming, while being a vivid change of pace from the 30 minutes prior.

Whether he was trying to rally the fans or break the tension or just piss off the parents in attendance, he made this memorial memorable. Go Sawks!