Bill Murray Throws Out First Pitch At Wrigley, Does Bill Murray Things

  • Glenn Davis

Comic actor/icon/guy who sort of just does whatever he wants Bill Murray is a known Chicago Cubs fan, and as such, he’s a frequent guest of honor at Wrigley Field. Sometimes his appearances don’t go so great, and other times they end before they start, but he’s Bill Murray, so the Cubs keep having him back. They did so again today, when Murray delivered the first pitch before the team’s 2012 home opener… complete with Bill-Murray-type hijinks, of course:

And yes, he did actually throw the pitch eventually. Here’s how that went:

Hey, could have been worse (like it’s apparently been before). And having weird stuff happen is pretty much the point of inviting Bill Murray to do anything, anywhere. In fact, if you ever saw Murray anywhere and he didn’t do something weird, well, no one would ever believe you.

[h/t Jamie]