Bill Simmons: Managing The Mets Is “Like If You Became The Hairstylist For PTI”

  • Glenn Davis

Big day for Bill Simmons: the most concrete Grantland info yet came out, and he filled in for Tony Kornheiser on Pardon the Interruption. Eventually, he and Mike Wilbon got around to discussing Mets manager Terry Collins’ rant last night after his team’s 9-3 loss. (The Mets got a comeback win of their own today, for what it’s worth.) They each rated the outburst…oh, and Simmons flaunted his head of hair.

Wilbon was especially harsh on Collins’ remarks, giving the rant an F largely due to the lack of cursing. We’ll agree that it could have used some more spice, but we can’t help but love the part where Collins vows to “take all the suckin’ blame that anybody wants to hand out.” Simmons was more forgiving, giving Collins a B-, but noted he should have seen moments like this coming when he took the job with the Mets. How’d he make that point?

“You had to know that things weren’t gonna go that well…to be honest, it’s like if you became the hairstylist for PTI.”

Wait a second, though…wouldn’t being PTI’s hairstylist actually be a cushy job, since there’s not much work involved (except for when the likes of Simmons guest-host)? We’re not sure it sounds like such a bad gig at all. The hair talk begins just after the minute mark below:

Also, note Wilbon’s smile – he’s loving it, despite pretending to be offended at first. He was smiling a lot like that on the program today – no danger of a Kornheiser-Tirico situation with Simmons and Wilbon.