Bill Simmons Hosts “PTI,” Gets Some George Steinbrenner Shots In (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

Bill Simmons is filling in for Michael Wilbon this week on “Pardon the Interruption.” So how did he do?

Despite a small earpiece malfunction, Simmons added a nice meta-feel to the proceedings (“I’m doing this with my hands a lot,” he noted, as if he was watching himself on TV), and has a good chemistry with co-host Tony Kornheiser. In terms of pop culture references, we got a little Dancing with the Stars, a little Jersey Shore, a little Patton Oswalt, a little of everything.

Some will object to Simmons’ homerism (like when he compared the New Orleans Saints to the New England Patriots in the opening segment), but it didn’t veer towards the incendiary.

Well, unless you’re recently memorialized Yankee icon George Steinbrenner. After discussing whether or not Joe Torre was hogging the spotlight during last night’s unveiling of the Steinbrenner monument at Yankee stadium, Simmons sarcastically remarked that Steinbrenner deserved to be honored because of all the “great things” that he did.

Video here. Should be a fun week.