Poop Alert: Bird Poops On Orioles RP Tommy Hunter’s Head, So He Proceeds To Get The Win

  • Dylan Murphy

The Baltimore Orioles defeated the Seattle Mariners 4-2 in an 18-inning marathon last night, with Orioles relief pitcher Tommy Hunter coming away with the win. But before he entered the game, his hat was christened with a special heavenly delight: bird shit.

Take it away, Tommy, as we revel in your misery (via the Baltimore Sun):

“‘I was minding my own business, not doing anything. I thought it was [reliever Luis] Ayala throwing stuff at me. You know, he usually does. So I didn’t know what it was,’ Hunter said. ‘I just thought someone threw a piece of gum and hit me. It wasn’t a piece of gum, man. Everybody just started dying laughing. Then everybody said it was good luck. Then we won.’

It was good luck for reporters because Hunter is one of the best quotes in the Orioles’ clubhouse.

‘I was getting ready to go warm up and it went [plop] and I looked at it and everyone started laughing. I had bird [droppings] on my head.'”

But wait! This bird clearly scouted its mark, knowing its stain would have everlasting consequences:

“He pitched with his hat soiled. And he wasn’t happy.

‘It’s my favorite hat,’ he said. ‘It sucks. It’s terrible.’

He said he couldn’t ask for a teammate’s cap because his head is too big.

‘I have 7 5/8’s. I got a huge dome. A large landing zone, I guess,’ he said. ‘I don’t know. That was wild. I’ve never been [dropped] on before.'”

Guess he’s just shit out of (covered in) luck.

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[Baltimore Sun, via Larry Brown Sports]

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