This Morning, Bobby Jenks Became The Second MLB Pitcher To Get Arrested For DUI In A Day

  • Glenn Davis

Unfortunately, Matt Bush isn’t the only baseball player recently arrested for DUI and leaving the scene – at 3:43 a.m. Friday, Red Sox reliever Bobby Jenks was arrested in Fort Myers, Fl. for DUI, destruction of personal property and leaving the scene of an accident. Reportedly, Jenks was pulled over for driving erratically, at which point he told the officer that he’d taken “too many muscle relaxers” and admitted he’d hit a car when he was leaving the nightclub he’d been at previously.

The Red Sox didn’t comment beyond saying that they’re “aware of it” and “gathering information.” Jenks won’t be on the field for a long time either way – he’s on the 60-day disabled list after recovering from a pulmonary embolism and then two recent surgeries, the second of which was an emergency procedure after the first one went awry. Still, though, the Red Sox can’t be happy with the information they’re gathering.

As USA Today says, Jenks claimed two years ago that he doesn’t drink anymore (he was once demoted while in the minors for bringing beer on to the team bus, among other infractions). Apparently, though, his troubles remain. Hopefully he works them out, but for now, not his finest hour – or, considering Bush’s similar arrest, baseball’s.