Bobby Valentine Joking About How Many Times He’s Been Fired Is… Kind Of Depressing

  • Glenn Davis

Yeah, I get the humor here. I appreciate (though can’t say we’re surprised by) Bobby V’s ability to laugh at himself, and I realize that his firing in Boston especially was not only a foregone conclusion but a downright necessity, given how 2012 worked out for the Sox. And yeah, now he has not only this nebulous CBS promotional thing but also the AD gig at Sacred Heart, so as far as people who’ve been fired a bunch of times go, he’s doing quite well. Even so, it’s hard not to watch this and think, “Man, that’s a lot of pink slips”:

OK, yes, it’s true that Valentine can have an abrasive way with people, that he helps sow the seeds of his own demise with his attitude. But even though the viewer is being invited to laugh because Valentine’s in on the joke, it struck me as a little depressing even to watch someone get fake-fired all those times in a row, as did the idea of getting fired all those times being the joke.

Yeah, the latest jobs numbers look encouraging, but not enough for someone getting fired a bunch of times – even Bobby V – to be a real big laff-fest. Apologies for the heapin’ helpin’ of killjoy this may dump on your Friday – and seriously, the ad isn’t bad; if you come away with an entirely different feeling after watching it, I won’t be surprised in the least – but that’s where it made my head go.

Well, that plus the thought that executives all over the world have remarkably similar offices.

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