VIDEO: Bobby Valentine Directs Traffic After Snowstorm In Connecticut

  • Glenn Davis

Since he didn’t get the Florida Marlins‘ managing job last year, Bobby Valentine has some more time on his hands, and he’s decided to fill it with…public service. In a story that somehow escaped us, Valentine took a job as the safety director in Stamford, Conn., “overseeing the city’s police, fire, and health departments.” So when CBS covered the horrendous traffic jam taking place in Connecticut due to recent heavy snowfall, guess who was out there directing traffic?

Reporter Wendy Gillette seemed similarly unaware of the fact that directing traffic in a snowstorm is actually a part of Valentine’s job description, and Valentine – well, give him credit, he seemed like he just wanted to keep directing traffic and didn’t care about (and was even reluctant to) get on camera – witness the curt, “This is my job,” when asked why he was out there. If he really wanted to shy away from the cameras, though…well, he ought to be an expert on how to hide. Video below.