Hey, Bobby Valentine, What The Hell Are You Doing?

  • Dave Levy

I tolerated new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine’s overly-postured bans on beer in the clubhouse earlier this spring. I don’t speak for all of Red Sox Nation, but in the battle to get over last fall, I guess I was okay with it: I mean, it is Opening Day tomorrow. We need to move on already.

And sure, the extra days of attention on that whole collapse thing – which included Terry Francona hopping in the fray – were annoying, but most of those stories have finally disappeared.

I dealt with some of the “look at me” antics during the spring. Honestly, that’s part of what Valentine does. He’s designed to be a media magnet to keep pressure off of his players, and after last fall, that was what Red Sox needed. What I don’t think the Red Sox, the Fenway Faithful or anyone else needs, though, is Bobby V trying to pull double duty as both an analyst and a manager. He can play with the Globe and even Denny and Callahan all he wants, but his newest venture is definitely likely to hit a nerve up here in the Hub.

Seriously, Bobby Valentine: what the hell do you think you’re doing?

You will be dialing in to speak with Michael Kay on Wednesday afternoons throughout the season to talk about the fate of the Red Sox. Why is that so bad? Because Michael Kay is the voice of the New York Yankees, and your segment will be on New York radio:

It didn’t take long for Bobby Valentine to begin stirring things up in the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. Now Boston’s manager has a big-time New York kitchen to wield his spoon.

ESPN-1050 has signed Valentine to do a weekly manager’s segment on “The Michael Kay Show.” Not only is 1050’s move unprecedented, but it has Kay, the TV voice of the Yankees, squaring off against Valentine, the manager of the hated Red Sox.

I beg of you: step away from the New York media and focus on managing a team in Boston. Can you do us a favor up here and at least tell your own city’s media things first? Like, “Who will be closing for the Red Sox with Andrew Bailey needing surgery?” I know you’re schtick is to do anything possible to draw the media’s attention away from your players, but this is going too far. Move away from the (New York) microphone, Bobby V.