Boston Won’t Be David Ortiz’s City Much Longer If They Don’t Sign Him To A Multi-Year Deal

  • Eric Goldschein

david ortiz

The sports business: One minute everything is fine; the next, GIVE ME MORE MONEY AND/OR YEARS NOW OR I WILL HOLD OUT/ASK FOR A TRADE/BE ANNOYING. The most recent example of this phenomenon comes to us from Boston, MA, where David Ortiz wants a multi-year contract from the Red Sox or he’ll be moving on.

You may remember that Boston and Ortiz had a fantastic year together. Not only did the Red Sox win the World Series, but Ortiz was nearly elected mayor of the city and his “This is our fuckin’ city!” war cry helped rally the troops, figuratively speaking, after the horrific bombings at the Boston Marathon. But that was last year, and Ortiz wants respect, in the form of more money, from his current employer.

From Fox Sports:

Ortiz, who is slated to become a free agent next offseason, said on Boston CBS4′s Sports Final on Sunday that he would like to sign a multiyear contract with the Red Sox or else it’s “time to move on.”

“Hey, I would like to [retire with the Red Sox]. I’m having fun. It’s been a hell of a ride as long as I’ve been here,” Ortiz said. “But as I always keep on telling people, this is a business. Sometimes you’ve got to do what’s best for you and your family.

“As long as they keep offering me a job and I keep doing what I’m supposed to do and the relationship keeps on building up, I’m going to be there. Hopefully, I won’t have to go and wear another uniform…

“It can be two years, it can be three years, it can be 10 years. You never know,” Ortiz said Sunday when asked how much longer he expects to play.

Ortiz and the Red Sox already have a contentious negotiating history, and the next round doesn’t look like it will go any smoother. Ortiz is 38, and while he’s still playing at a high level, you don’t normally sign old designated hitters to long-term contracts — even ones that attest they might play for “10 years.”

Something tells me we won’t be seeing 48-year-old David Ortiz launching home runs into the Boston night.

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