The Detroit Tigers’ New Manager Is A Jew And A Really Charismatic Cardboard Cutout

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Brad Ausmus Cardboard Cutout

Jim Leyland, excellent manager and Barry-Bonds-berater, is out as Detroit Tigers manager, retiring and moving on to ambiguously-colored pastures.

The Tigers hired Brad Ausmus as their new manager, a man known for his status as a solid MLB catcher and a member of one of the most exclusive fraternities in the world: the ΑΕΠ of Jewish athletes.

He’s only 44 years old, and he has managed the Israeli national team, which isn’t something I just made up.

But, even more importantly, the man starred as a charismatic cardboard cutout in a strange, hilarious video produced by Padres minor-leaguer Cody Decker, a video we showed you not too long ago. Regardless, it’s too wonderful to not place here.

As a Jew and dry-humor enthusiast, I’m a fan of the hire.