A’s First Baseman Brandon Moss Hits 19th-Inning Walkoff Home Run, Rewards Himself By Stuffing A Pie In His Own Face

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Los Angeles Angels played six and a half hours of baseball against the Oakland Athletics last night/this morning. The A’s won on a walk off home run by first baseman Brandon Moss. It ended at 4:41 ET (though it was in LA), and Moss was tired and probably delusional. During a postgame interview, he pied himself. (That’s not a typo — he stuffed a pie in his own face, he didn’t pee himself, though maybe he did that too. We can’t be certain.) Then, he was pied by a teammate, the standard celebration. And then he got a nice, blue Gatorade bath. New studies say that sugar puts you right to sleep.

The teams have less than an 18-hour break ’til the next game, which sounds like fun.