Braves Now 12-0 Since Opening New Waffle House #WaffleBall

  • Rick Chandler

Sure, everyone is jumping on the Waffle Wagon now. But we were the first to bring you news that the Atlanta Braves were on an insane, syrup-induced winning streak, all due to tasty waffles.

Regular readers of this blog have by now been gripped by waffle madness, and if you weren’t before, well, the Braves have won again. With its 2-1 win over Washington today, Atlanta is now 12-0 since opening a new Waffle House at Turner Field.

But only seven of those wins (the first seven) have been at home. The Braves have taken their breakfast food mojo on the road and have won five more. They now have the best record in baseball.

Georgia, and now all of America, of course is going waffles.

You’re welcome, America.

Meanwhile, in related news:

Photos: Getty Images, Zack Hample.

READ: The Braves Are 11-0 Since Opening A Waffle House At Turner Field.