BREAKING: People Still Hate Joe Buck

BREAKING: People Still Hate Joe Buck
  • Jake O'Donnell

I’ve never understood why Joe Buck is put in the same category as “wolf attacks” and “painful diarrhea.” If he was so terrible at calling baseball games, he wouldn’t be the voice of the World Series, right? I mean I guess he’s a bit smug at times, but he’s got a great voice and he’s responsible for some awesome calls (“We’ll see you tomorrow night” is a classic). There’s gotta be some logic to Fox’s decision to keep him in the broadcast booth for their biggest NFL and MLB games, so he can’t be nearly as awful as some people make him out to be.

That being said, Tuesday night he had a few moments that his detractors wrapped themselves in like comfy, warm hate-blankets. Between the broadcast outage and a marathon game that lasted well into the next day, there was ample opportunity for America’s favorite least favorite play-by-play guy to piss people off. Here’s how he did that…

Joe Buck on baseball: “This is when baseball is at its best. Man on the mound with a ball, man at the plate with a bat.”

Joe Buck on Edinson Volquez’s father’s death: “It was his wife’s wish that he not be told before or during this start, so with respect to that, we kept that news quiet until he could come out of the game. Because of social media, that news was bouncing around out there. That’s not our job to break that.”

Joe Buck on generators: “We’ve got a bag full of quarters for the generator. We can go all night long.”

Joe Buck on the 2015 World Series: “They’re the two best teams that are left. It doesn’t always work out that way, but it did this season.”


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