Breaking: Prince Harry Sucks At Baseball, Likes Cheerleaders

  • Rick Chandler

Prince Harry eying cheerleaders at the Air Force Academy is my favorite photo of the day. Hey, at least he kept his clothes on. Later he visited East Harlem and managed to hit a home run on a Little League field off of Mark Teixeira. A full day’s work, I’d say.

Prince Harry is visiting the U.S. along with British Prime Minister David Cameron and God knows who else as part of a tour to promote England as a tourist destination and business partner. Which sounds like total bullshit, except that the royal party did stop off in Colorado and help kick off The Warrior Games: a sort of Paralympics for wounded and disabled members of the military. So cheers to that.

And not only did he spend some time with disabled veterans, he also toured a neighborhood in New Jersey which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, to the delight of a pretty large crowd and an even larger Gov. Christie.

Earlier today Teixeira gave him some tips as he visited Harlem RBI’s Field of Dreams youth baseball facility in East Harlem. Keanu Reeves wasn’t available, I guess.

Still decked out in his suit from an event to promote British businesses in Manhattan, the prince took park in baseball drills for Project Coach, a program that gives coaching opportunities and community mentoring.

It was great, great swing,” Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira told Haskell of Harry’s line drive.

While dozens of kids cheered him on, the prince briefly took batting practice from Teixeira, making contact with all three pitches he saw.

Earlier in the day, Harry visited Mantoloking with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, where some residents were flying Union Jack flags and one handwritten sign read: “Prince Harry please come back when we’re restored.”

Prince Harry’s American Vacation in pictures, below: