Breaking: Reporter Gets Pooped On At World Series

  • Dylan Murphy

Game 2 of the World Series was yesterday, and the San Francisco Giants came away with a 2-0 victory and 2-0 series lead. But not before Paul Robins of FOX40, doing a live report from McCovey Cove next to AT&T Park, was greeted by some free-falling bird poop.

It hit his head. It hit his glasses. It hit his jacket. It was just spectacular. His female co-anchor, Bethany Crouch, also thought this was absolutely hilarious, and could not stop laughing for an entire minute on live TV. Meanwhile, Robins gives some creepy greeting to his future “YouTube friends,” and tries to play off the whole thing with some self-defecatingdeprecating humor. Also of note: We commend the camera crew for refusing to cut the feed and keeping this poop-covered reporter on air.

[Bob’s Blitz]