Brett Gardner Doesn't Know What A Mixtape Is

  • Eric Goldschein

We’ve already seen how hilarious Mark Teixiera (formerly thought to be as funny as drying paint) can be while hosting his “Between Two Ferns”-esque web show “Foul Territory.” (The answer, in case you don’t want to click, is “very funny.) But not only is his newest episode — featuring Yankees center fielder Brett Gardner — his funniest, it actually reveals a pretty compelling piece of information about his interview subject:

Brett Gardner doesn’t know what a mixtape is. Or, he didn’t before this show. He’s “not a music guy” (which is incredible in and of itself) and needs Tex to explain it to him. And Tex does.


How is it that a southern boy who doesn’t like music is now the Yankee-est Yankee on the Yankees (Derek Jeter aside)?