Brewers Favored in Two-Horse Race for NL Central Crown

The Milwaukee Brewers hold the lead in the NL Central with the MLB season past the midway point, but they still haven’t drawn much interest in tickets.

Neither the Brewers nor St. Louis Cardinals have had great starts to July, with Milwaukee holding a 4-6 record over their past ten games, while the Cards are 3-7 over that same stretch. 

What’s interesting to note here is that despite the Brewers holding the lead atop the NL Central, they haven’t been attracting bettors to purchase tickets on them. Even with that, the Brew Crew has still seen the most money land in their direction to win the division, boasting 47% of the handle, compared to just 12.3% of tickets. The Cardinals and Chicago Cubs factored into that, owning more than 65% of tickets. Still, it’s noteworthy that every other team in the division has a higher ticket percentage than handle percentage, compared to the Brewers, who are the opposite. 

The Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Cincinnati Reds haven’t factored into the equation, except for giving the Brewers and Cardinals more opportunities to win ball games. 

After the offseason, this division was always going to be a two-horse race between St. Louis and Milwaukee, which is what has played out through nearly 3.5-months of the MLB season. 

The Brewers have continued to boast one of the most feared rotations in MLB, which is an area the Cardinals will be looking to upgrade ahead of the trade deadline. It’s interesting to note that the Cards have had an effective offense while the Brewers have struggled to manufacture their runs. 

In addition, neither team has separated themselves from the other when they’ve played head-to-head, meaning this race will come down to the wire and create some value in the NL Central. 

Milwaukee is a decent-sized favorite to win the division at -250, despite only operating with a 2.5-game lead atop the division ahead of Monday’s action. With that in mind, there’s likely value present with the Cardinals, especially if they add a top-of-the-rotation arm. St. Louis currently sits at +185 to capture the NL Central. It’s hard to see any of the other three teams making a run, but stranger things have happened in this division. 

The biggest liability for the book to win the NL Central is currently the Cincinnati Reds, who sit 14-games back of the division lead on July 11. 

Below you can find all five teams’ odds to win the NL Central from the BetMGM Sportsbook

Team Opening Odds Current Odds
Milwaukee Brewers 100 -250
St. Louis Cardinals 220 185
Chicago Cubs 900 25000
Pittsburgh Pirates 3000 25000
Cincinnati Reds 500 50000