Brewers' Jean Segura Heads Home Following Tragic Death Of His Son

  • Zach Berger

We here at SportsGrid typically share the amusing oddities and happenstances taking place in the world of sports with a little analysis and opinion along the way.

But sometimes, the sports world and the real world collide and we are reminded of how harsh life can be. We are very sad to report that Jean Segura’s nine-year-old son has passed away.

The Milwaukee Brewers shortstop will be heading home to his native Dominican Republic following the tragic incident. Details on the cause of death were not made available. The Brewers alluded to the news last night when manager Ron Roenicke told the media that the team would be closing its clubhouse doors to reporters following the Brewers’ game, citing a death of a player’s family member.

The team has placed Segura on the bereavement list. It is not clear how long he is expected to be out of baseball, but our thoughts are with Segura and his family during this tough time as he grieves.

Roenicke gave a statement this afternoon:

“Obviously it’s tough on him,” he told reporters, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He didn’t learn about it until after the game was over and one of the players came over and told him. I didn’t know what to say to him other than give him a hug, tell him we’re here for him. He had a tough time. All the guys came by.”

Our condolences go out to the Segura family.

Photo via CBS Sports