Brewers Sideline Reporter Gets Drilled With Baseball While Staring Into Camera, Shakes It Off

  • Jake O'Donnell

Fox Sports Wisconsin’s Sophia Minnaert was smack in the middle of one of those cross field dugout interviews, smack in the middle of the 3rd inning, when smack in the middle of a sentence she was smacked in the middle of doing her job. A true professional, she keep rolling — even managed to regain control of the mic – despite being hit in the hand that was holding it.

As to how it happened, one can only assume that someone was attempting to do the ol’ throw-it-in-the-dugout-before-the-inning-starts, and it got away from them. But the speed and angle of the ball suggest it was just kind of tossed at her from a relatively close distance, so she probably knows what happened and whodunnit. Unlike German soccer reporter Jessica Kastrop, who got popped from way downtown.

Wonder what Adrian Beltre would have done?