Brian Wilson Visits The Tonight Show…And So Does The Machine (Video) – UPDATE: Full Video Posted

  • Glenn Davis

Full interview, part 1:

Part 2:

The Machine’s cameo:

UPDATE: Full interview now posted above, in two parts. Interesting points include Wilson bringing the World Series trophy to the set, the gloves he wore, that he still won’t admit to dyeing his beard, and Wilson re-sharing the stories of: 1) why he became a reliever, and 2) his orange shoes. Then, The Machine comes right out and steals the show. It’s all well worth a look.

The original post is below.

Giants closer Brian Wilson knows how to put on a show. He proved it at the Giants’ World Series victory parade, and from what little we know of his appearance tonight on The Tonight Show, he showed that audience quite a time as well…with help from his old friend, The Machine.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t say “friend.” Host Jay Leno described The Machine as Wilson’s “friend” and Wilson (wearing plenty of awesome on his feet for this appearance) quickly corrected him, saying, “He is a friend of no man.” They showed some “Machine” backstory, cut back to the studio, and…you can guess what happened then, but we still strongly suggest watching the above clip to see it for yourself.

We also highly recommend watching Wilson’s entire appearance…and believe us, a strong recommendation for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is not something you will get out of us often. Brian Wilson is that legendary. It’s safe to say we are not yet tiring of his routine.