Brian Wilson’s Beard Terrifyingly Comes To Life In New SportsCenter Ad

  • Glenn Davis

You know about Giants closer Brian Wilson’s beard. You love Giants closer Brian Wilson’s beard. But you’ve never seen it quite like you will in a new SportsCenter ad starring Wilson…and that’s a good thing.

The ad, of course, begins like most SportsCenter ads, in which a well-known athlete just happens to be hanging around the office in full uniform (and, in Wilson’s case, sporting some very interesting footwear as well). However, the anchors with whom Wilson was chatting, Jay Harris and Josh Elliott, weren’t quite impressed enough with Wilson’s famous facial hair. And so he went about correcting the error of their ways:

…Now we know why Elliott jumped ship to Good Morning America. Also, it’s a sign of how crazy Wilson has gotten that while we’re only pretty sure that’s CGI. And one more note: check out Harris’ facial expression while the beard is possessed. He’s not a bad actor.