Watch Brian Wilson Explain His Weird New Trash-Talking Catchphrase

  • Glenn Davis

Brian Wilson is a man of many bits. The was the ninja bit. Of course, the Machine bit. The Lopez Tonight bit. The “basically anything having to do with his beard” bit. And now, via The Franchise, Showtime’s upcoming documentary series about the Giants, we have the newest bit: “Got heeeeem.” Allow Wilson to explain:

Truth be told, on the surface, this isn’t even that weird. But this is Brian Wilson, so the surface tells little of the story. “Got him” – common utterance making clear that one has gained the upper hand over another. “Got heeeeem” – well, that’s a whole new level of upper-hand-gaining. If we watch this video much more, we’re going to over-analyze every word and wonder if the different inflection Wilson puts on each “Got heeeeem” relates specifically to a certain situation. This is what Brian Wilson does to people.

[Big League Stew]