Bring Me The Head Of Billy The Cub

  • Rick Chandler

Presumably still groggly from hibernation, Billy the Cub decided to stop in to a Wrigleyville bar on Saturday to take photos and mingle with … the kids? In a bar? Oh well, anyway, he was there.

Billy is the unnofficial mascot of the Chicago Cubs, as you probably know. But maybe you donlt know that he objects to haveing his head removed. As you can see in the video, that’s what one guy did, prompting Billy to punch said fan in the face.

The fight continued near the door, and the fan was then hustled out by a couple of other dudes. Billy followed, presumably also ejected from the premises.

It wasn’t such a letdown seeing Billy without his head. But it was rather jarring to see that the guy underneath wore a bandana.

This, by the way, is where Clark the Cub is going to end up: shuffling through bars begging for free beer and change.