Bros Watching Sports! Your Sports-On-TV Guide For Saturday, October 13

  • Joe Levine and Dylan Murphy

Even with the NHL season on hiatus, we are officially entering the busy portion of the sports year. The MLB playoffs have begun, the football season is approaching the midway point, and the NBA preseason is underway. With so much going on, it can be difficult to keep track of everything worth watching. Here’s your Saturday guide to TV.

All times Eastern.

College Football

No. 10 Oklahoma vs. No. 15 Texas – 12:00pm, ABC

The annual Texas-OU game. As must-see as it gets when it comes to college football, or at least it is if you’re from Texas or Oklahoma.

No. 5 Kansas State vs. No 25 Iowa State – 12:00pm, FX

Bet you didn’t know FX televised college football games, did ya? Put that in your Brand X and smoke it.

No. 7 Notre Dame vs. No. 17 Stanford – 3:30pm, NBC

NBC has been showing season after season of awful Notre Dame football just waiting for them to become relevant again. Their patience is finally paying off.

No. 3 South Carolina vs. No. 8 LSU – 8:00pm, ESPN

All Gamecocks return man Ace Sanders does is make highlights. See if you can do what most return coverages can’t and catch him live tonight.

No. 21 Texas A&M vs. No. 24 Louisiana Tech – 9:00pm, ESPNU

Both of these teams are ranked, that means someone who doesn’t/didn’t/isn’t planning to attend either school is interested, right? Right? Guys?

MLB Postseason

Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees, Game 1 – 8:00pm, TBS

The Yankees just played last night, now they have to already play Game 1 of the ALCS just one night later? With a playoff schedule like this, you’d think MLB’s commissioner was completely incompetent… Oh.

NBA Preseason

Chicago Bulls at Minnesota Timberwolves – 8:00pm, NBATV

For the NBA heads out there. There are actually lots of interesting matchups and things to watch in this game if you’re an NBA geek: how does Chicago’s revamped Bench Mob look, can Nate Robinson play on a defense-first team, can the Timberwolves play an all-white lineup and win, how does Andrei Kirilenko look after being out of the NBA since the 2010-11 season, and so on. Lots to look for here. Whups, I just wrote as much for a preseason NBA game than I did for all other college football and playoff baseball games combined!

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