Police Take Suspect In Beating Of Bryan Stow Into Custody

  • Glenn Davis

The campaign to find those responsible for the brutal beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium on opening day – which included hundreds of billboards in Los Angeles – is finally bearing fruit, according to the Los Angeles Times. The paper reported this morning that police took into custody one of the two suspects in Stow’s beating after finding him in an apartment building in East Hollywood. The scene, as described by the L.A. TimesJoel Rubin:

According to apartment building manager Maritza Camacho, police, using loudspeakers and with guns drawn, called out to the occupants of Apartment 25. Inside was one of the men police suspect in the March 31 beating that left Stow with brain damage.

As residents of the three-story building stood watching from balconies, police removed, one by one, the people who were inside the apartment, according to Camacho. Among them was a man with a bald head and tattoos on his neck and arms, she said, a description that appeared to match the vague sketches released by police of one of the two suspects. She added that he did not appear to resist being taken into custody.

No apparent news on the other suspect, but certainly, if the man taken into custody today is who the police think he is, today’s is a good piece of news. It’s hard to overstate just how savage the beating was – Stow is still in critical condition, has been in a medically-induced coma for nearly two months, and was recently described as “not out of the woods yet” by a doctor at the hospital where Stow is currently being treated.

Stow recovering, of course, would be the best possible ending to this sad saga. But the prospects for that are still very much uncertain – he recently got taken off one of the seizure medications he was on and has periodically opened an eye, but exactly what that means is unclear. So for now, the best possible news we can get is that the people responsible for putting him in the situation he’s in will be brought to justice, and though there’s still a ways to go on that end as well, at least progress has been made.

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