Bryce Harper’s New Catchphrase Sure To Sweep The Nation: “Be As Sexy As You Can!”

  • Glenn Davis

The Nationals were off yesterday, and Bryce Harper used the day off to host a baseball camp for D.C.-area kids. Pretty cool move on Harper’s part. And he seemed to enjoy himself, too, genuinely getting into it and later raving about the skills of one kid he saw in particular. (We saw today the dangers of what can happen when a pro visits a youth camp they’re not fully invested in.)

And, because he’s Bryce Harper, he was kind enough to provide us all with a comical soundbite to send us in to our weekend while he mentored our nation’s youth. We’re not sure how much this exact trick of the trade had to do with baseball-playing, exactly, but hear his words of wisdom for a couple campers at 1:05 below, and try to tell us he wasn’t giving them some sound advice all the same:

If only he could be taken back in time to offer that advice to Don Mossi. (We kid, we kid.)

We’ll admit, hearing out of context that Bryce Harper said “be as sexy as you can” at a camp for kids ages 6 to 14 sounded a little… odd. But seeing how it was actually used – basically, as some good-natured banter from a guy trying to treat a couple kids as much like equals as he could – nothing weird here. Just Bryce Harper being Bryce Harper, which is almost as reliably entertaining for us as it was for the kids in attendance at this camp. We just hope this doesn’t put too much pressure on Harper to start churning out viral-stardom-worthy lines very month.

[Big League Stew]