Bryce Harper Tells Reporter He Asked A “Clown Question, Bro”; Internet Explodes

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Bryce Harper smashed a home run to help his Nationals beat the Blue Jays in Toronto last night, and a media member from our neighbors up north took the opportunity to try and get a nice soundbite from the 19-year-old phenom. The reporter asked Harper if he’d take advantage of Canada’s drinking age and grab a legal, celebratory beer after the game.

A valiant effort: one quickly shut down by a Nationals PR member in the background, who scolded the reporter and told him to “ask something else.” Harper didn’t seem amused by the question, either, even before his caretaker’s intervention. His response?

“That’s a clown question, bro.”

Watch the video:

And a viral hashtag is born. Here’s an early sampling:

Via coryeuc:

“”Bryce, do you own an Ed Hardy shirt?” ‪#ThatsAClownQuestionBro‬

Via vercengetorixII:

“Hey Bryce, what do you think about the Toronto FC backline?” ‪#thatsaclownquestionbro‬

Via DisplacedPhan:

Bryce, what brand of mascara runs the most? ‪#thatsaclownquestionbro

Via MattSebek:

“Bryce, favorite Crazy Joe Davola episode?” #thatsaclownquestionbro

People are calling the reporter’s first question dumb, but the real “clown question” is when he asks Bryce if he has a favorite beer. Clearly, Bryce is a Natty Light guy. Actually, who am I kidding? Natty Bryce Ice. Unless he’s actually Keith Stone in disguise, which isn’t out of the question.