This Video Will Not Quiet Those Concerns About Bryce Harper’s Attitude

  • Glenn Davis

We know Bryce Harper’s talented, and that he’s apparently under a whole lot of scrutiny. We also know that he’s prone to doing things that rub people the wrong way. It’s worth remembering, of course, that Harper is still 18, supremely talented, and a No. 1 overall draft pick who’s been hyped relentlessly for a couple years now. One would expect someone like that to have a big ego, and he’s still got time to come back down to earth.

It doesn’t, however, mean there shouldn’t be any concerns over Harper’s attitude – especially not on the part of the Washington Nationals, who made a sizable investment in the guy. With that comes a lot of attention, not always positive…and sometimes, Harper makes it look deserved. All this is a way of saying: Harper got called out on strikes at his game last night, and completely flipped out.

Well…at least he looked like he restrained himself from kicking dirt on the umpire at one point. And yeah, he’s 18, so it’s early to pass judgment for good…but we’ll still admit we enjoyed the fan yelling, “There’s that maturity!” Hey, just like Harper, we’re not perfect.

[h/t Quickish]