Bryce Harper Records First Major League Hit As Fans Moon Camera (NSFW?)

  • Glenn Davis

What’s the most significant thing relating to Washington, D.C. happening tonight? The Correspondents Dinner, you say? Well, we say: WRONG. It’s happening across the country, but the Nationals’ Bryce Harper, that divisive prodigy famous for, among other things, wearing a ton of eye black and making the Sports Illustrated cover at an insanely young age, made his major league debut against the Dodgers. And after a slow start, he flashed that potential with a double to deep center field in the seventh inning. Not bad for a 19-year-old.

But look closer at the video below, and you’ll see that Harper’s hit wasn’t the only interesting thing happening. No, not only did Harper knock his own helmet off as he ran the bases, exposing his horrible hair in the process, but if you watch closely when Harper makes contact at the 10-second mark, a few fans were apparently especially eager to leave an… impression on the broadcast:

Good thing Joe Buck wasn’t calling this one.

Video by CJ Fogler.