Bro Bryce Harper Out-Bros Bros Everywhere With Bro-iest Quote Of ‘Em All

  • Dylan Murphy

See, what makes this bro-quote particularly bro-y isn’t the generous use of the word “bro”; rather, its absence. Bryce Harper is set to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated for the second time in his career – the first when he was 16 years old – and SI senior writer Tom Verducci examines the bro behind the uniform. In an excerpted preview of the cover story, Verducci also floats the possibility of a sophomore slump. Harper, however, is having none of that. The question isn’t quite clownish, but Harper still dismisses the notion in one fell bro-swoop.

“I’m not going to put it my head. Sophomore slump? I was a sophomore in college and raked. Why can’t you rake in the big leagues?”

So sexy. Rake on, bro.

UPDATE: So, as it turns out, we’re pretty sure Bryce Harper only played college baseball at College of Southern Nevada for one season. After earning his GED to play baseball at a higher level, he spent 2010 in Nevada before being drafted by the Nationals 1st overall that same year. 2011 was spent in the minors, and 2012 he won Rookie of the Year. Maybe we’re miscalculating – because it would seem unlikely that Harper would misremember a giant detail like that – but ultimately it doesn’t take away from the bro-ness, which is most important.

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