Bryce Harper Won Rookie Of The Year And Twitter Is Pissed

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

MLB’s individual awards week is underway and to no one’s surprise, Mike Trout took home the AL Rookie of the Year trophy unanimously. That guy = a pretty good baseball player. His National League counterpart was Bryce Harper and frankly, some tweeters think that was a clown choice, bro.

Now, nobody is necessarily wrong for thinking Harper shouldn’t have won the award. Among NL rookies, he was second in home runs, fourth in RBI, and 10th in batting average. Somewhere along the way, his hype machine could have snowballed him into winning this award. So no, the stats aren’t eye-popping and he certainly didn’t have nearly as strong a freshman campaign as Trout, but that never stopped Twitter.

Ladies and gentlemen, today in hype-haters:

The angriest person in all of Arizona.

Maybe things would’ve been different if he had repeating names like you, Bran Bran.

The least deserving? Come on, Dontrelle Willis won it once.

And now his day is ruined!

He paid me, and with the money I’m buying his Rookie of the Year trophy back from him so he doesn’t have it anymore so you can sleep easy, Sam.

Yes, I bet that is exactly what Mike Trout is thinking right now.

More importantly, what is your Twitter background picture all about?

You know that would almost be pedophilia. Not like I’m keeping track.

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