Buy or Sell: The Colorado Rockies Can Win the NL West

The Colorado Rockies have gotten a lot of attention in the betting market early on this season and that begs the question, why is that?

The first initial concept that becomes evident is that they boasted one of the worst odds this season to win the World Series, while their division odds were extremely low as well.

The public likely saw the odds they presented at +4000 to begin the year to win the NL West, and figured with the additions of Kris Bryant and Randal Grichuk, that their offense could be much more competitive and keep the team in the ball games.

With all things being considered, that hasn’t been the case early on this season, but the Rockies also haven’t been that bad either in such a strong division, where they own a record of 20-24 near the end of May.

Even with a start like that though, it hasn’t really kept the Rockies in the race in the NL West, with the Los Angeles Dodgers sitting ten games ahead of them at 30-14.

If LA’s great start doesn’t worry you enough in regard to the Rockies, the San Diego Padres have shown up and played the type of baseball everyone expected last season, boasting a record of 28-16.

It’s interesting if you look at the trends from a betting perspective in the NL West that arguably the two weakest links in the division lead the charge in terms of ticket percentage.

The Colorado Rockies own the highest amount of tickets at 35.8% to win the NL West, while the Arizona Diamondbacks are behind them at 28%, followed by the Dodgers at 16.6%.

With the Rockies drawing a lot of interest in tickets, they’ve also managed to have the most money placed on them, boasting the highest handle in the NL West at 42.4%, which is slightly ahead of the Dodgers at 39.2%. No other team in the NL West has a handle that’s reached double digits, with 81.6% of the handle drawn towards the Dodgers and Rockies.

You would think LA’s number would be higher but there really isn’t a whole lot of value in their price point, which is likely the biggest deterrent, which has made the market look to the Rockies as the most attractive team to bet in the NL West.

With what’s known now in this divisional race, it’s hard to buy into the current number that the Rockies are presenting.

Below you can find the odds for each team in the NL West to win the division this year from the BetMGM Sportsbook.

Team Opening Odds Current Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers -150 -250
San Diego Padres 275 325
San Francisco Giants 350 550
Colorado Rockies 4000 25000
Arizona Diamondbacks 10000 25000