Canada And Mexico Brawling Might Have Been The Best Moment Of The World Baseball Classic

  • Glenn Davis

It wasn’t shaping up as a particularly eventful World baseball Classic game: Canada was having its way with Mexico, leading 9-3 in the ninth inning. But apparently some bad blood festered during an otherwise routine win, and Mexican pitcher Arnold Leon took it out on Canada’s Pete Orr. The Canadians did not take kindly to this. The result:

The brawl, one of the more intense on a baseball field we’ve ever seen, drew rave reviews from fans and MLB players with teammates involved alike. Of course, such joy would quickly dissipate if it turned out anyone actually got hurt, but hopefully everyone avoided injury – even those involved in the wrestling matches that erupted as sub-brawls of their own.

While the WBC’s organizers and Bud Selig might not have been thrilled to see what they undoubtedly intended as a bastion of sportsmanship and good feelings between nations in the positive spirit of competition lead to a bunch of guys whaling at each other, the rest of us, it’s safe to say, are delighted. Well, except for tthe part where a fan threw a bottle at a player in the aftermath of the melee:

Leave the brawling to the players. Otherwise, you might get the object thrown back at you:

North America!