Cardinals’ Announcers Mocked Red Sox For Holding Kolton Wong At First Just Before He Was Picked Off

  • Rick Chandler

In case you missed it … and you likely did, unless you listened to the game on KMOX Radio in St. Louis, World Series announcers Mike Shannon and John Rooney had a little fun at the expense of the Red Sox in the bottom ninth inning on Sunday.

You remember the bottom of the ninth: that’s when Boston reliever Koji (Hailing Frequencies Open) Uehara picked off Kolton Wong at first with two out and Carlos Beltran at the plate. That ended the game, a 4-2 Boston win, that evened the Series 2-all.

Just before this happened, KMOX broadcasters Shannon and Rooney were in a joking mood:

AUDIO HERE. (The KMOX portion begins at the 1:58 mark).

Rooney: “The first baseman, Napoli, holds against the runner — why, I do not know. (Chuckle). Why would they be holding him? (Chuckle).”

Shannon: “Yeah (laughs).”

Rooney: “That’s silly. … Here’s a throw over there, and, he’s picked off! Unbelievable! A rookie mistake.”

Shannon: “That’s why they hold him.”

Rooney: “Exactly right. The only reason they could have been holding him. And what Wong was doing I have no idea.”

You mean that the only reason they could have been holding him was to try and shorten his lead? I’ve never heard of such a thing. I love broadcasters like this: so self-unaware. Oh well, on to Game 5. Where we gonna eat tonight?