There’s No Easy Way To Say This: The Cardinals Rally Cake Looks Like Someone Pooped A Squirrel

  • Glenn Davis

When not one, but two straight St. Louis Cardinals playoff games were interrupted by wayward squirrels earlier this month – during a series that cardinals would eventually win – it was a ready-made sensation. The squirrels became the talk of the playoffs. Rally Squirrel shirts popped up immediately. And so did squirrel-themed Cardinals confections.

Ah, but not all squirrel-themed Cardinals confections are created equal, and when a cake turns out like the one you see above, well, it really, um, hits the fan. Yes, the squirrel looks unfortunately like someone saw a perfectly good cake…and then pooped on it. Except for the coprophagous, it doesn’t make for an appetizing look. Fortunately, there are many other Rally Squirrel food options if you so desire…though we wouldn’t blame you if that cake ruined them all for you.

In any case, Game 6 of the World Series is tonight, and the Cardinals have to win to stay alive. For their sake, let’s hope they don’t [Rally Squirrel] the bed. If you have any other poop-squirrel-related inquiries, kindly direct them to Champ Kind.

[Big League Stew via Darren Rovell]