Carlos Beltran’s Gaudy Long Island Estate Is Cheaper Than Ever, So Act Now!

  • Eric Goldschein

Carlos Beltran was traded from the New York Mets to the San Francisco Giants back in 2011 (he’s on the Cardinals nowadays), and last year he put his Long Island, NY pad on the market. For those of you unfamiliar with Long Island, it’s a suburb of New York City mostly populated by the extravagant and tasteless (nice beaches though).

Beltran fit right in with this place: It’s nice, sure, but kinda… not. Here are the stats:

-7,500 square feet
-Seven bedrooms
-Seven bathrooms (two half-baths)
-Karaoke Bar
-Home theater. (Busted Coverage gave the best description of this room we’ve ever seen, of any room: “Besides, his theater room sucks balls. It’s tiny, like a closet. It’s a narrow room with a couch and a screen about 50 yards away. Real nice, Carlos.”)

Originally asking $5.8 million, Carlos recently dropped the price to $4.99 million. He’s still trying to flip the place for profit after paying $4.25 million originally.

Want the place for yourself? Take a tour first. Eh, take one anyway:


Which place do you think Glenn Beck hates more: this one, or RGIII’s?

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