Carlton Fisk Had Valuable Coins, But Nothing Else, Stolen From His Expensive Home By “Squatters” In Bizarre Burglary

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Carlton Fisk, Hall-of-Fame Sox catcher — both Red and White, that is — had his home burglarized on Friday, but it just came to our attention today via Big League Stew, and the details are so bizarre that it’s worth mentioning today.

First of all, his house is apparently valued at around $862,000. However, the only things stolen were “thousands of dollars in collectible silver coins.”

Exterminator Mike McClain also noticed it looked like the criminals “had been helping themselves to the home and facilities…” The newspaper also reported the Orkin Man as saying — and I’m not making this up — “the break-in looked like it might have been squatters.”

We’ll spare you the “catchers squat” jokes because Big League Stew already took care of that, but the burglary itself makes no cents! Sorry.

The Fisks had not been home in about a week, but a pest control representative had come by and noticed a back door had been taken off its hinges.

So, people probably broke in to Carlton Fisk’s pretty-nice house by removing the back door from its hinges, and since the Fisks weren’t home, squatted there for a while, lounged around before finally leaving with nothing but thousands of dollars in coins.

Exterminator Mike said “he knew Fisk, but did not know he was a Hall of Fame catcher.”

Again, Big League Stew had this taken care of — Exterminator Mike doesn’t have Google?

This is truly one of the most peculiar crimes I’ve ever heard of, but regardless, I hope this squatting coin thief is caught and justice is served for Pudge. And next time, take something else too, man. You don’t think a Hall-of-Fame catcher had some cool memorabilia, or a nice TV, or anything desirable besides the coins? What a strange, stupid thief. Or I suppose he could be a genius, if he’s never caught due to his restrained greed.

[Big League Stew; image via]