Cecil Fielder Slams His Son Prince Fielder In An Attempt To “Take The High Road”

  • Tom Lorenzo

It’s no secret that former big league slugger Cecil Fielder and his son, newly-minted multi-millionaire Prince Fielder, have a strained relationship. But you have to imagine that it’s not going to get much better if Cecil continues to air their family grievances in public.

The dysfunction began sometime after Cecil retired from baseball, when he admittedly gambled much of the families’ money away and, ugh, stole about $200,000 from his son after he inked his first big league contract.

You can’t blame the kid for wanting nothing to do with his dad, but as Cecil tries to repair their relationship, his attempt to get back in his good graces keeps getting sidetracked as he publicly offers up some backhanded comments. Such as:

Cecil Fielder said Prince has no relationship with any members of their extended family, including his ill grandparents; he “hides behind” agent Scott Boras’ representatives to dodge discussing his family; and he shows no appreciation for those who helped him along the way.


“There’s a lot of people that wish he would get over whatever he’s got going on with his self. … And once he gets rid of that, I think those people he needs to reach out to other than me, I think hopefully he will.”

Bitter much? It’s a bit curious that after Prince signed a 9-year, $214 million contract with the Detroit Tigers, a team his father spent 6-plus seasons with, we would hear Cecil come out with a curious comment like that. And as Rob Neyer points out, this is Cecil’s attempt to “take the high road.” Yeah, that sounds about right.

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