Celebrate October With This Fantastic Poster

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This year’s October will bear precious little resemblance to your granddad’s playoffs. There are more wild card teams, there is instant replay, and squirrels run around the field like it’s their second home. The game’s changed, young buck. But that’s no reason to forget about where it’s been.

Celebrate the Fall Classic with the Meticulous Metric of Baseball Names print from our Store.

It’s an obsessively-crafted taxonomy of baseball team names, covering 482 pro baseball squads over 150 years; teams from the majors, minors, independent leagues, and the Negro Leagues are featured. Think of it as a big, pretty catalog of teams past and present, and sweet little addition to the dorm or office. After all, it’s important to remember that both the Anaheim Angels and the El Paso Diablos belong to genus: “supernatural beings.”

The Meticulous Metric of Baseball Names print is available now.