Charity Auction Lunch With A-Rod Is About To Get Awkward: Leading Bidder Wants To Pepper Him With PED Questions

  • Rick Chandler

So the David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic is holding a charity auction, in which various athletes will be giving away hitting lessons and the like to the highest bidders. One item is a New York City lunch with Alex Rodriguez, and bidding began at $1,000 on Dec. 6.

As of Monday night there had been … exactly one bid. But now it’s up to 12 bids. Not a popular item.

But it gets worse. According to this, the top bidder is a Brooklyn man, Joe Schiff (not pictured), who has saved up $3,500 in order to ask the Yankees third baseman about the slugger’s PED allegations.

Schiff explained the dastardly reason behind his bid.

“I thought it would be pretty cool to sit down with one of the most controversial people in the world,” Schiff said. “What I’m thinking about asking A-Rod is: Are you guilty?

“I want to make it as awkward as possible for him. … He’s ripping off the Yankees off for $28 million a year. I think it’s wrong.”

Schiff also says that he wants to question A-Rod about his celebrity womanizing. Can someone televise this? Because I’d subscribe to Netflix for a year if they had “Awkward Lunches With A-Rod” as a weekly series.