Charles Barkley Was On Last Night’s Blue Jays Broadcast For Some Reason

  • Timothy Burke

Charles Barkley is in Toronto for the Joe Carter Classic charity golf tournament, and so it makes perfect sense he’d attend the Pirates-Blue Jays game and drop by the broadcast booth(!?). He stayed for what turned out to be a lengthy half-inning and dropped some priceless Chuck-isms:

Highlights include:

This is my favorite city. It’s like a clean New York with people who got better attitudes.

[The Phillies] gotta make a trade. They need somebody behind Ryan Howard.

I always thought the guy was a flash-in-the-pan. Michael Jordan, he got lucky so many times.

(Upon being told Joe Carter helped coach Michael Jordan during His Airness’ attempt to play professional baseball)

Joe sucked as a coach.

(When asked about the impending NBA lockout)

Salaries keep going up. The economy keeps going down. The [basketball] owners, they have a legitimate gripe.

In basketball, the salary cap doesn’t matter. Every team in the NBA is over the cap. The salary cap is irrelevant in the NBA.

For basketball fans suffering King Charles withdrawal, it was a welcome fix for those basketball jones.