Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel Reads His Players’ Tweets, Plays “Confused Old Man” Role To Perfection

  • Glenn Davis

What do supermodel/SI Swimsuit Issue cover-er Kate Upton and Phillies manager Charlie Manuel have in common? Why, both recently stopped by the MLB Fan Cave in New York to film internet videos, of course. Alas, the similarities end there – Manuel didn’t don a dress and dance, though we can’t help but kind of wish he had – but Manuel did the next-best thing: play up his old-man-ness (he’s 68) for all it’s worth, for comedic purposes.

His task: read selected tweets from his players. (One of the Phillies’ most prolific Twitter users, Shane Victorino, was at the Fan Cave too.) Manuel, like any “token fish-out-of-water old guy” worth his salt, does not use Twitter, and in fact doesn’t have much of a clue about how it works. And that led to some outstanding results as he tried to make sense of what was in front of him:

And let’s be fair to Manuel here: again, he doesn’t even use Twitter, so of course #hashtags and @messages will look foreign – but it’s even weirder to read them off a cue card, like he was doing. In actual tweets, those would be a different color from the text, and at least he might have had a clue that they were something different and that there was an actual purpose behind the pound signs. Additionally, Victorino did have a typo in his tweet Manuel read, rendering it way more confusing.

Mostly, though, we’re glad Manuel was a good sport and took a “Hey, what the hell, I have no idea what’s going on but let’s do this and see what happens” attitude to the tweet-reading rather than an “I-DON’T-CARE-WHAT-YOU-HAD-FOR-BREAKFAST-GET-OFF-MY-LAWN” attitude. This was way more fun. And even though Manuel still sounded like he didn’t have any use for Twitter once the exercise was over, who knows? Maybe he’ll change his mind, and then we’ll all know exactly when he shoots a squirrel.

Oh, and for anyone else unaware that Pat Sajak can be employed to hilarious effect: educate yourselves.