Here’s What The Chicago Cubs Winning The World Series Will Sound Like, According To Joe Buck

  • Eric Goldschein

It’s been awhile since the Cubs last won the World Series. Like, over a hundred years. And when you go that long without tasting ultimate victory, all you can do is laugh. Joe Buck was the speaker at a charity event the other day, and his hypothetical call of the Cubs winning it all reminds us that laughter is the best medicine. Especially when your affliction is a broken-sports-heart.

This event, the Red Cross Evening of Stars, took place in Normal, Illinois. There are clearly a ton of Cubs fans in Normal, because Buck killed it with this imaginary World Series call.

Stay tuned to the end for the surprise twist ending. Also, this is in black-and-white, because everything is more dramatic in black-and-white (video via Susan Saunders, WBNG).

So, what hurts more, Cubs fans? This, or the MLB ’12 version of the dream?

[h/t Reddit]