Chicago Mayor Vows To Capture Fiend Who Delivered Severed Goat’s Head To Cubs’ Owner Tom Ricketts

  • Rick Chandler

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel pleaded for calm today in the wake of news that someone delivered a severed goat’s head to Wrigley Field. It happened on Wednesday, when the head — addressed to Cubs’ owner Tom Ricketts — was delivered in a box by a mysterious man in a pickup truck. Police were called and the head was taken into evidence.

Meanwhile this afternoon, the Cubs themselves snapped into action, responding to the insult in dramatic fashion: they blew a five-run lead and lost to the Giants, 7-6. (Appropriate sound effect here).

As you know, the longest continuous curse in sports is the “Curse of the Billy Goat”, beginning in 1945 when Billy Goat Tavern owner Billy Sianis was kicked out of a Chicago Cubs’ World Series game for bringing along his pet goat. The story is that one of them stunk so badly that fans were complaining, and both were asked to leave just to make sure. Sianis is said to have replied: “Them Cubs ain’t gonna win no more.”

And they haven’t: no National League pennants since. Added to their 104-year streak of zero world championships, that’s a big stinking pile of goat cheese in the windy city.

It also provides a great metaphor for Cubs’ fans who are wailing and gnashing their teeth over a great variety of perceived injustices. This came to a head (sorry) on Wednesday, when someone dropped off the head at Gate K at Wrigley Field. Possible affixed label: ‘Goat continued in next package’.

Our take? It was either a very poorly-planned ransom demand, or a warning to the team not to go ahead with proposed changes to the stadium. The Cubs are currently in negotiations with the city to increase the number of night games, and install a Jumbotron. WGNTV:

There was no note inside the box, and police are still looking for whoever dropped it off.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the goat had a Department of Agriculture tag on its ear.

Neither Ricketts nor the Cubs have commented.

But Chicago mayor Emanuel has weighed in:

At an unrelated news conference today, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he talked to Ricketts Wednesday night and promised that police will take action.

“There’s nothing else to say, it speaks for itself, it’s wrong to do,” Emanuel told reporters. “I did call Tom last night, and said obviously that the police need to do something, we’ll be on it.”

No arrests have been reported but police are investigating the “intimidating package,” Police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala said.

Official goat response here.