Note To This Guy At World Baseball Classic: If You Steal Second Base, Don’t Jog Back To First Base Moments Later

  • Dylan Murphy

Things haven’t started off too well for China’s baseball team at the World Baseball Classic – the team lost 12-0 to Cuba and was mercy-ruled in the 7th inning. In the game’s 2nd inning, China’s Fujia Chu attempted and succeeded in stealing second base after Cuba’s catcher fumbled the glove-to-hand exchange. Except Chu inexplicably turned around upon arrival, slowly jogging back to first. Maybe he thought there was a foul ball, or maybe he was in too deep with a bookie – we don’t really care enough to find out. But no matter why he made an about face, he still traded in his stolen base for a rundown and an out.

Not that this play changed much of anything – the team lost 12-0, after all, and China’s odds to win it all were set at 150-1 – but it’s probably best if baserunners don’t gift wrap outs to the opponent.

[Big League Stew]