Before His Final All-Star Game Ever, Chipper Jones Gave This Locker Room Speech

  • Dan Fogarty

Prior to the last All-Star Game of his career, Atlanta Braves third baseman and future Hall-of-Famer Chipper Jones was asked by NL manager Tony La Russa (who himself would be taking part in his final Midsummer Classic) to give a pre-game speech. That speech was later shown by FOX during the game, and we have video here.

The gist of the pep talk, in case you’re at work and forgot your headphones:

”We’ve won two. Win three, and that’s a winning streak,” Jones told the team. ”We have an opportunity to do that tonight. And I am not going out losing my last one. So, you with me?”

It was a cool moment, and the 40-year-old Jones would later get a pinch-hit single in the sixth inning (and an emotional standing ovation) during the NL’s 8-0 win.

So, you with me?

Video via CJ Fogler.