Orioles’ Chris Davis Aggravates Shoulder Injury In Least Badass Way Humanly Possible

  • Glenn Davis

Recently, Grantland’s Chris Jones said that “Baltimore is where hope goes to die,” specifically when it comes to the Orioles. We’re pretty sure this is what he was talking about. First baseman Chris Davis is headed to the DL with a shoulder strain and might not play again this year. He aggravated said shoulder injury by…sleeping on it wrong. On the one hand, Davis hasn’t done much thus far for the Orioles anyway. On the other hand…sleeping. It’s kind of like when Ricky Bones hurt himself watching TV, but at least Bones was, like, fully conscious. And all this, with the Orioles just 26.5 games out of a playoff spot. We’re not even Orioles fans, and we’re depressed. (Photo via)