Worst Fan Ever Heckles Indians’ Chris Perez, Chris Perez Comes Over And Curses Him Out (Video)

  • Evan Sporer

When you’re a professional athlete, you should expect to get heckled. Doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are, there will always be some fan who has nothing better to do than yell some stupid stuff at you.

In Oakland on Sunday, this fan decided to pick out Chris Perez for said heckling. It sounds like he had some reason behind it, but didn’t disclose it in the video. Instead, he calls out Perez, who makes his way over. The fan, just like he says in the video, doesn’t once curse at Perez (although he was being a total dick). The Indians’ closer, however, has some choice words for the guy.

Both of these guys are at fault. Perez should have just ignored the fan in the first place, and the fan should find something better to do than call out the closer for the Cleveland Indians. Found it very funny Perez new exactly how many blown saves he had. This A’s fan is lucky that Perez didn’t just cock his head back and puke on him.

h/t Deadspin