Chris Perez Converts Save And Projectile-Vomits, Announcers Don’t Flinch

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Every athlete celebrates a win differently. Many are calm and classy, a la Mariano Rivera, and many are wild celebrators, like this overexcited cheerleader.

But following his league-leading 20th save, Chris Perez was just so happy, he projectile vomited before he could make it off the field.

You might think this is unprecedented, but Perez is actually a repeat offender. In fact, the announcers don’t even acknowledge it. They focus instead on the positives: The Indians just beat the defending World Series champs. They may have been surprised the first time, but they won’t let Perez steal the show this time! The players didn’t seem fazed either. Watch closely; nobody even budges! That’s impressive self-control. That’s a team. Maybe this is finally their year.

I personally prefer the subtle fist pump, but, man, Perez just loves the game. Who can blame him for getting a little (too) excited? His nickname is “Pure Rage,” but perhaps “The Regurgitater” is more apt.